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Driven by our passion and expertise in mathematics, sciences and innovative educational technology, EduFeArn has developed life skills, civic democracy, mathematics and sciences learner, teacher support material and mechanisms to recognise and remediate the vital developmental areas identified quickly.

Focused on self-improvement education in public schools from Grade R to Grade 12, EduFeArn offers a holistic approach to school communities working with learners, School Management Teams, educators and parents.

Our mission is to design, develop, and market instructional products and services for the corporate, education and government education and e-learning industries. We are bringing to companies and institutions cost-effective, progressive, flexible and well-supported solutions to their instructional design and e-learning operational needs. 

Its principal goal is client satisfaction, serving client interests as an ally and loyal business partner. The company operates on a for-profit basis and provides an engaging and equitable work environment for its owners, employees, and contractors.

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Gareth Fearnley
CEO & Founder

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Lecia du Plessis
Content creator

Ditlhare Litedu_1.png
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Ditlhare Litedu
Math curriculum specialist

Avi Emanuel_1.png
Avi Emanuel_2.png

Avi Emanuel
Math curriculum specialist
Electrical Engineer

Angeline Mokoena_1.png
Angeline Mokoena_2.png

Angeline Mokoena
Math curriculum specialist

Zanel Erasmus_1.png
Zanel Erasmus_2.png

Sarie Maree
Graphic designer & Illustrator

Tebogo Mothupa_1.png
Tebogo Mothupa_2.png

Tebogo Mothupa
Software Engineer & 3D Artist

Jesse Newman_1.png
Jesse Newman_2.png

Jesse Newman
Software Engineer

Mbali Dube_1.png
Mbali Dube_2.png

Mbali Dube
UI/UX Expert

Vuyo Marawu_1.png
Vuyo Marawu_2.png

Vuyo Marawu
Project Manager

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